Professional Development for CPAs

CPAs often need to wear many hats – beyond keeping their clients up-to-date on the latest in tax reform. They must also run their own business and learn to navigate the ins and outs of building their brand, attracting new clients, and assuring that they, in turn, can generate a profit. Professional development is necessary for any CPA who wants to enhance personal and professional skills and develop a plan for improvement to help advance their leadership skills, improve relationships with clients and increase their confidence – why not get CPE credit while doing so?

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Today’s competitive environment requires the CPA to be a strong negotiator. Attend this proactive webinar and learn to ask for the business and actually close the deal!
Your professional presence affects how colleagues, subordinates, superiors, clients, and potential clients react to you, respect you, trust you, and respond to you. Leadership is enhanced by professional presence. This on-demand course reviews skills that enhance one’s professional presence and offers tips for building that presence.
Today's competitive environment requires you to “lead” your company or management team through diverse and often complex scenarios. Learn the importance of “sound” leadership skills within your organization and how to identify and eliminate “roadblocks” to successful leadership.
This on-demand course will cover the fundamentals of project management, including methods of defining success and monitoring progress. We will walk through the 5 Process Groups of the PMBOK® Guide and other Project Management Institute global standards to identify best practices in project management.
Today’s competitive and complex business environment requires the CPA to be a strong communicator. Attend this proactive seminar and learn how to effectively communicate your position!
In today’s world, individuals are constantly searching for personal improvement opportunities whether that be in their professional or personal lives. With the onslaught of on-line tools and “Apps”, you may think there would be a new App designed that can walk us through the steps of being a leader. However, it is not that easy. Leadership is impacted by so many variables both internal and external as well as our own personal characteristics and traits.
Total: 6 courses (11 CPE hours)

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