California Taxes, Guidebook to (2021)

Author(s): Wolters Kluwer Editorial Staff

Published: Jan 18, 2021
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ISBN: 9780808053569
Product Number: 10034341-0012
Volumes: 1
Update Frequency: Annually
784 Pages

The California tax system is dictated by a complex set of rules. As a tax professional, you must know the ins and outs of federal and state tax law to deliver swift and accurate services. If your business or clients are based in California, the Guidebook to California Taxes can help to ensure accuracy in your tax filing and reporting. This handy tax guide provides a complete overview of new legislative, regulatory and judicial developments, as well as additional topics to help you stay informed and sound while working with your business or clients.

What Is Covered in the Guidebook to California Taxes (2021)?
This time-saving tax guide acts as a quick reference for the taxes levied by the state of California, including personal income, corporate income, sales and use, and property taxes. Readers will receive the most up-to-date information on:
  • Legislation
  • Regulations
  • Court decisions
  • Office of Tax Appeals decisions

What’s New in the 2021 Edition?
Wolters Kluwer’s Tax Law Editors formatted this guide in a way that makes it is easy to locate information quickly and efficiently. Summaries of this new information provide readers with an awareness of the changes and the impact that they will have or already had on taxpayers.

This popular handbook is the one source those involved with California taxation need for timely and accurate answers in a convenient and accessible desktop format. It presents concise coverage of the taxes of major interest including:

- personal income tax

- corporate income tax

- sales and use taxes

- property taxes

Other California taxes are summarized, as well, with particular emphasis placed on persons or transactions subject to the tax, the basis and rate of tax, and the annual return provisions.

For the user's convenience in determining what is new in the California tax law, a special Highlights of Tax Changes section is included to provide at-a-glance awareness of key legislative developments in the law. While this handbook focuses on the law applicable to the filing of income tax returns in 2021 for the 2020 tax year, legislative changes effective after 2020 are also noted with an indication of the effective date to avoid confusion and to assist in future tax planning. Helpful references to both the California and related federal provisions are provided throughout for those who wish to more fully examine explanations and text of the applicable law. Also, detailed Tables of Contents and an organized presentation of the content combine to make pinpointing critical information quick and easy. Detailed references to specific paragraphs in the comprehensive CCH California Tax Reports subscription service are also provided throughout the Guidebook to assist users in further, more comprehensive tax research and tax planning.

Reap the Rewards
Over the years, Wolters Kluwer has become the name that tax professionals have come to rely on. Although tax rules and regulations are ever-evolving, our dependability has remained constant through it all. After reading the Guidebook to California Taxes, tax professionals can accomplish the following:
  • Develop an up-to-date, comprehensive picture of the impact and pattern of all taxes levied by the state of California and the general property taxes levied by local government units
  • Gain familiarity with California personal and corporate income taxes
  • Learn to quickly recall relevant California tax laws and their provisions, discriminate between federal and state tax provisions, and understand the significance of these state and federal differences To ensure that you prepare your California clients’ taxes completely and accurately, order the Guidebook to California Taxes today - available in both an eBook and softcover format. To learn more or view our full collection of research and learning resources, including webinars and self-study courses, visit our online store or contact us.
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